Rabu, 16 Juni 2010


Why you put that heart-picture as a header in your blog? Does it have some special meaning?

Yesterday one of my friend asked those questions when I was reading some comments in my blog. Well, I don’t know exactly why I made that picture. Maybe simply because i liked the composition and color tone of heart; it has strong and deep character I think. And the quote below is taken from one of Gorillaz’s song lyric: Feel Good Inc. But then I remembered that several days ago I accidentally found an interesting topic when I was simply surfing some websites in the internet. Those websites talked about the same idea. About something that we called ‘love’.

All of those articles try to define the word ‘love’. How can you fall in love? What kind of emotion that always arise within love? And the most important part is : What is love actually? And then the article continued with the definition of love from many experts. It begins with Greek philosopher Empedocles to the scientific and sophisticated definition from Sigmund Freud and Satre. So many words represented there only to define what love is. So many points of view, so many letters and phrases…

I don’t know if one of those definitions is true. For me, love is something that cannot be defined by letters and words. The more you forced yourself to define love, the least it’s mean for you. Letters and words just like a prison that limits the interpretation of love. It’s something beyond letters and dot, words and phrases. It’s so simple, but also so complicated in the same time. A words with 4 letters, and yet this ‘word’ is something that more than enough to disturb our sleep time, fulfill our day with hope and stupid daydream, and even can bring us down to the lowest ground in our life. Everyone has their interpretation and story about love. The most important part is the emotion that you feel, not how you define it. Feel it. Accept it. Love is God’s greatest gift to us, something that require neither explanation nor definition … ^^

Well, you don’t have to tell me, “Angga, you REALLY SUCK at talking about love!”. Hahahaha … ^^ I really realize that. Believe me, it feels strange for me to write about ‘love’ for I still can’t figure its true meaning. I myself feel little bit funny when I read this post. Feels like a clown who dare to speak about romance, hehehe … :) I’m sorry for being so rude this time. It just something that I want to share...

2 komentar:

screencast mengatakan...

it's always nice to read every single of your posts! really I do!
so don't judge yourself like that.

for me, love is something that contaminate my brain to do something, to make something.
but yes, love is more important about what you feel.

aku suka gaya bahasa inggrismu, lancar banget.

kalo aku nulis segitu bisa sampe berhari-hari kali ye.

btw, twittermu apa toh?


Angga Prawadika mengatakan...

Hahaha ... ^^ makasih Bang Ojan, cuamn ngerasa agak wagu waktu mbaca sendiri, hehe ...

Wah, aku belum buat e Jan :p bentar ya, minta tolong Ciprut dulu buatinnya. Ntar kalo udah bikin takkasi tau kok,,