Minggu, 19 September 2010

Maybe most people think that you’re just ordinary person

Just another face in the crowd

Maybe sometimes you feel doubt about yourself

Trying hard to find the best part of you

But in the eyes of one person

You’re something more than meets the eye

Your smile light up his world

You paint his life with thousands of colours

For him, your eyes are the brightest stars

A place where he can find something that he’s been looking for

A place where he wants to stay

Because in his eyes

You’re an angel …

3 komentar:

diazbela mengatakan...

eaaaa. ihiyy anggaaaaaaa XD

buat dirga ya? hahaha.. peace! v(^^)v

Angga Prawadika mengatakan...

Eaaaa ... :D hahaha ...

dirga udah ada yang punya Yaz, udah diambil orang tu, wkwkwk ... ^^

nadiraa mengatakan...

awww ini sweet bgt. lucky girl!