Rabu, 10 November 2010

"Hand A Book " By Loli and Damar

This November will be a special month because Citra Pariwara, the highest advertising award in Indonesia will be held again. And one of the category that will be competed is BG Award, a special category for university student. There is no fix theme for this year, instead all participants are asked to create a free, complete campaign to solve any problems around them that they think is urgent to be solved. And two of my seniors, Lolitya Aninditya and Damar Wijayanti have created a simple yet great idea for this competition. And i feel honored when they asked me to be their designer.

Their campaign titled “Hand a Book : Give a Hand by Giving a Book”. This idea begin when they found difficulty to find some books for their assignments in university library. And soon they began to realize that there is an imbalance situation: the new students found difficulty to find some books they need, while the seniors left their old books dusty in their room because they never read it again. And the idea come up: why don’t the seniors give their old books to the new students? It means that those seniors don’t waste their old books by doing so, don’t they?

I must admit that both Lolitya and Damar did their campaign seriously (Maybe in indonesian: Niat banget!). They create a complete sets of programs in detail, create publication in many medias while tirelessly try to get as many participants as possible. And here i helped them by create a set of design for their campaign: logo, a mascot, and poster design. Well, i personally think that this campaign is success. The number of books that has been donated is far beyond expectation. Well, let’s hope they win the competition! ^^

Hand a Book’s mascot. This is the first time i created a character in vector actually.

A set of poster that i created for this campaign. Thanks for Intan Agisti for the great photograph! :D

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