Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

The Crossroad

Okay. Yogyakarta. It's been 3 years since the last time I brought a bunch of dreams into this city. You know, post-senior high school syndrome. I used to think that being college student is a kind of cool stuff (well, thought breaks easily in time). It's been 3 years from the day I stood in front of this university, and now from what I see, everything has pretty changed. So many things happened. I can't pretend I didn't laugh when I read my previous post on this blog :) Thank's God I wrote some of my experience and thought on this blog. Words preserve memories. But unfortunately, it brings the emotion back easily.

I'm 21 years old now. And I have to admit, this is the first time I feel so worried. 'Galau'. Yes. Although this word seems silly but it surprisingly right. I don't know if my friends, or simply everyone on this age, feeling the same way like I do. A mixed feelings came suddenly and fill my head with some thoughts i've never think before. Some part of me feel the excitement to jump into new possibilities ahead. From now, I will face the reality of life. Yes, graduate, and then work. Total freedom to control and discover myself. A new frontier. Unexplored regions full with challenges and possibilities. But some part of me feels afraid. And this feeling is getting stronger from time to time. What if i'm not ready and fail in my journey? What if all these dreams shattered on the way? What if I can't be what I wanna be? And that's feeling sucks, because honestly some part of me said that i'm not ready. It feels … too fast. After this, when KKN is over, everything will completely changed. I will be on my own. Everyone will be on their own...

This is the crossroad.

From here, each of us will follows the different path.